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1.Tucson, Arizona Black /African-American Community


"I Am Because You Are"

Ubuntu refers to the spirit of the community. It means that I am a person through other people. This concept is probably the most important aspect of living in a highly connected world.

When I first heard about this term and the above meaning, I was delightfully surprised how this six letter African word so strongly binds together the entire concept of our new brand: "Together Stronger."

Ubuntu reminds us that our success in the Tucson African American community will only come as we strengthen our economic power by supporting and encouraging African American business.

According to Target Market, a company that tracks African American consumer spending, in 2002 African American consumers earned $631 billion ($631,000,000,000.00). And while the much reported spending habits of African Americans is the subject of a future article, you can be sure that only a small portion of the money spent by African Americans is being spent within the African American community. The Chamber's goal is to strengthen existing and start-up African American businesses so that they can provide superior services to all segments of the community on a competitive basis.

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you solicited the services of an African American business or used the services of an african American realtor, car salesman, insurance broker, or an investment broker? The power of a community is how many times your dollar turns within that community. For example, you receive your monthly earnings and you use the services of an African American business, who uses a portion of that money to pay wages to an African American employee who spends a portion of those earnings with another African American business. This is the Spirit of Ubuntu.

As we continue to refine our internal operation in the TSABCC over the next several months, we will center our focus on Ubuntu. We encourage your participation in our "Third Thursday" breakfast business meetings. This will provide you an opportunity to meet other businesses, hear about business opportunities, share business experiences, and market your business. The goal of the "Third Thursday" breakfast meetings is to assist you in making the right business connections .

I am excited about the opportunities that are available for African american businesses here in Tucson. The city of Tucson's economic future looks bright. Businesses are moving into our community and the population continues to grow. What this signals is the increasing opportunities for new business startups. TSABCC is here to assist you in your efforts. This is the "Spirit of Ubuntu."

Clarence Boykins; President

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